S Club 7 in Miami

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Television series
German title S Club 7 in Miami
Original title Miami 7
Country of production UK
original language English
Year (s) 1999-2000
length 30 minutes
Episodes 13 (1 season but continued as S Club 7 in LA )
genre comedy
idea Kim Fuller
music S Club 7
First broadcast April 1999 on BBC1
first broadcast
January 7, 2000 on VIVA

S Club 7 in Miami (Miami 7) was an English television series that was produced from 1999 to 2000. The protagonists play themselves: S Club 7 is an up-and-coming band trying their luck in America .


S Club 7 are moving from England to Miami , Florida , USA to further their career. Their manager Danny Parsons promises them to stay in a luxury hotel, but the Paradise Hotel of his friend Howard Borlotti is badly shabby. Howard uses the band mainly as cheap labor, they are only allowed to sing in the evenings. At the beginning, however, only in costumes selected by Howard and songs selected by Howard.


role actor Voice actor
Hannah Hannah Spearritt Shandra Schadt
Bradley Bradley Mcintosh Marc sting
Rachel Rachel Stevens Karoline Guthke
Paul Paul Cattermole Christian Bey
Tina Tina Barrett Andrea Imme
Jon Jon Lee Daniel Krause
Yo Jo O'Meara Natascha Geisler
Howard Borlotti Alfie Wise
Marvin Borlotti Paul Louis
Danny Parsons Gary Whelan


episode 1
Take-Off ( Take Off )

The band complains to their manager about not getting them to perform. Therefore, he sends them to Miami and promises them fame and fortune. You arrive at Howard Borlotti's Paradise Hotel hoping for a luxurious life. But since manager Howard has promised seven young workers for three months, this dream will come to nothing. Songs: Everybody Wants You and It's A Feel Good Thing

Episode 2
Howards Hotel ( Howard's Hotel )

Contrary to their expectations, the band first has to renovate the run-down hotel. At their first appearance in the evening (for which they got Howard's permission only with difficulty) they have to sing Howard's favorite song Tie A Yellow Ribbon in ridiculous costumes. However, they can only inspire the audience with their own song S Club Party .

Episode 3
Chevy ( The Blue Chevy )

After the band has not received any money despite two weeks of work, they go to Howard's house to ask for payment. Despite initial fears of going to the house (warning sign: Beware of the alligator ), Howard pays each of them $ 100 after deducting all (strange) costs. When they see his old Chevy in the garage, they decide to buy it from him. At the beginning everything goes well with the car, but suddenly it breaks. In revenge, Jo and Bradley decide to get their spare parts from Howard's own Chevy. When they are back in the car, they see Howard and Marvin standing on the side of the road because their car has now given up. Song: Club S


  • Jon Lee was in 2000 for the Young Star Award in the category "Young Best Actor in a Saturday morning TV series (Best Young Actor / Performance in a Saturday Morning TV Series) nominated".

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