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The picture Iso von Wölpes on his grave slab in the Verden St. Andreas Church

Yso or Iso von Wölpe (* 1167 ; † August 5, 1231 ) was Bishop of Verden .


He was the younger son of Count Bernhard I von Wölpe from the County of Wölpe . Iso entered the clergy early, was canon in Verden and provost of Bardowick in 1188 . From 1197 he was provost of the cathedral . In 1205 he was elected Bishop of Verden. At first he stayed on the side of the Staufers . Through his brother Bernhard II and the ruler of the diocese, Wilhelm von Lüneburg , he transferred to Otto IV . In 1211/1212 and 1213/1215 he took part in crusades in Livonia .

After the death of Otto IV. In 1218 he acquired the monastery bailiwick from the Guelph subordinates. With the further purchase of the noble lordship of the west, he enabled the establishment of the collegiate monastery St. Andreas in Verden in 1220 . First he had the northern city of Verdens fortified with a curtain wall. As a result, and the start of minting, Verden quickly gained city rights. Under him, Verden removed itself from imperial politics and the monastery expanded its territory by restricting the nobility and colonizing the old country. In 1226 he was in dispute with the Archbishop of Bremen, Gerhard II, about the spiritual jurisdiction over Ottersberg Castle .

A bronze grave plate from the 13th century with an engraved life-size picture of the bishop has been preserved in St. Andrew's Church in Verden . The inscription provides information on the date of his death and the achievements of his tenure.


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