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Map from 1894
Landscape in Samaria

Samaria ( Latin / English Samaria ) essentially refers to the northern part of today's West Bank (area of Nablus ). Samaria is also called Shomron ( שומרון , standard ; Arabic ألسامرة as-Sāmara , also known as Jibal Nablus  /جبال نابلس / Ǧibāl Nābulus ; Greek : Σαμαρεία) and is a geographical name for the mountain region between the northern Galilee and the southern Judea .

Biblical Samaria

The biblical land of Samaria is the result of the split of the ten northern tribes of Israel from the royal house of David in 926 BC. BC emerged. Omri , who lived around 885-874 BC. When he was king of the northern kingdom , the city of Samaria became the capital of the northern kingdom. He is heavily criticized in the Bible for his syncretistic religious policy. Only a small group of YHWH believers survived the fall of the kingdom.

Since these Samaritans rejected the temple cult in Jerusalem and preferred their own places of sacrifice on the Gerizim , they were not recognized by the Israelites of the southern kingdom and in Jerusalem, but viewed with particular disdain (cf. also Jn 4,1-41  EU ; Jesus and the Samaritan Woman). That is the background when Jesus in the New Testament parable of the Good Samaritan portrays a Samaritan of all people as a model.

Samaria today

IDF ban on entry of Israeli citizens to a place in Samaria (2016)

Samaria is now part of the West Bank .

Based on biblical toponyms, Israel refers to the West Bank as Judea and Samaria , which can also be rendered in direct transliteration as Yehudah and Shomron .


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