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Mount Garizim above Nablus (photo from 1900)

Mount Garizim above Nablus (photo from 1900)

height 881  m
location Palestinian Territories
Coordinates 32 ° 11 '58 "  N , 35 ° 16' 22"  E Coordinates: 32 ° 11 '58 "  N , 35 ° 16' 22"  E
Garizim (Palestinian Territories)
rock lime


The Garizim , also Gerizzim , Garizin ( Hebrew גְּרִזִים Grīsīm , also Gərīsīm ; Arabic جبل جرزيم Jabal Jarizīm , Greek Γαριζ (ε) ιν ), is a 881 m high mountain made of Nummulite limestone in Palestine , at the northern foot of which is Nablus (the biblical Shechem ).

The Garizim is a bare, broad plateau gently sloping towards the south; its fall towards the city, on the other hand, is rugged and steep.

The Samaritans locate the altar at the top of the mountain, which according to Dtn 27.4  EU and Jos 8.30  EU was built by Joshua on behalf of Moses . The temple of the Samaritans stood here, which was built in the 4th century BC. Built around 129 BC and Was destroyed by the Hasmonean king John Hyrcanus I (135-104 BC). During excavations since 1964, the temple complex was exposed at 881 m. Coin finds from Nablus (ancient Neapolis ) prove the appearance of the complex.

Under Emperor Hadrian , a Zeus temple was built on the mountain; under Emperor Zenon an octagonal Christian church was built in AD 484.

The Garizim is the mountain mentioned in the Gospel of John ( Jn 4:20  EU ) as the place of YHWH worship by the Samaritans; for the Samaritans it still has this meaning today.


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