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Samut Prakan
Samut Prakan (Thailand)
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Coordinates 13 ° 36 '  N , 100 ° 36'  E Coordinates: 13 ° 36 '  N , 100 ° 36'  E
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Samut Prakan
One of the many waterways in Samut Prakan
One of the many waterways in Samut Prakan

Samut Prakan (formerly Pak Nam , Thai สมุทรปราการ , listen to ? / I ) is a large city (Thai: เทศบาล นคร - Thesaban Nakhon) in the province of Samut Prakan . Samut Prakan is simultaneously the capital of the province and the capital of the district of Amphoe Mueang Samut Prakan . Audio file / audio sample


The province of Samut Prakan is located in the eastern central region of Thailand on the southeastern outskirts of the state capital Bangkok . The provincial capital is about 25 kilometers south of central Bangkok.

Economy and Importance

The main products of agriculture are rice and fruit. The rice is processed as sweet sticky rice and wrapped in palm leaves (called Khanom Chak ).


The proximity to Bangkok with its diverse educational institutions makes it easy for the residents of Samut Prakan to find suitable training positions. The Royal Thai Naval Academy is also located here in Paknam .

Sanphet Prasat in Mueang Boran
Erawan Museum


Around 1600 Samut Prakan was still directly on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand , from here the shipping traffic on the Mae Nam Chao Phraya ( Chao Phraya River ) was controlled. In 1767 the Burmese destroyed the city ​​(as well as the then capital of Siam , Ayutthaya ).

On April 11, 1893, the first train on the Bangkok – Samut Prakan railway , the very first railway line in Thailand, reached its terminus here. King Chulalongkorn the Great (Rama V) had made the opening personally.

In the same year, on July 13, 1893, the so-called Pak-Nam incident intensified the Franco-Siamese war .


  • Mueang Boran (also: Ancient City, Old City ) - skilfully laid open-air museum , one of the largest in the world; It shows objects, partly in their original size, partly as miniature versions of historical importance (e.g. the Sanphet Prasat audience hall in Wang Luang , the old royal palace of the Ayutthaya kingdom , which was destroyed in 1767) on a surface that is roughly modeled on the outline of the national territory of Thailand ).
  • The Erawan Museum shows the gigantic, indoor walk-in sculpture of the mythological three-headed elephant Erawan . Inside there is a museum that has Thai mythology on the subject.
  • Crocodile farm - located on the southern outskirts, the second largest farm of its kind in the world; Established in 1950, there are now around 100,000 crocodiles of various species, including the largest captive crocodile in the world (more than 6 m in length and 1200 kg in weight).


The Samut Prakan FC football club is based in Samut Prakan.


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