Santa Cruz del Sur

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Coordinates: 20 ° 43 ′  N , 77 ° 59 ′  W

Map: Cuba
Santa Cruz del Sur

Santa Cruz del Sur is a municipality and a port city in the Cuban province of Camagüey .


Santa Cruz del Sur is located in the south of the Camagüey province and lies on the coast of the Caribbean Sea .

The community is divided into the Barrios Buenaventura, Doce Leguas, El Junco, Gonzalo de Quesada, Guaicanamar, Playa Bonita, La Calzada, Guayabal, San Pedro and Yaguabo.


The city was destroyed by the Cuban hurricane in November 1932 . A few hours after sunrise, the city disappeared in the floods.

Over 3,000 of its residents drowned or became victims of debris flying around. The reason the town was not evacuated despite concerns from many fishermen who seemed to be sensing the impending disaster has never been clarified. In any case, it was initially assumed that the storm would head east. When the news of a threat to the town finally arrived, the town was already partially under water. A train that was actually intended to evacuate the population did not reach its destination.

The eyewitnesses of that day later described terrible scenes. Not only the over 200 km / h strong wind and the rising water claimed human lives. " We heard people screaming in their houses until the water suddenly drowned their voices ", two huge waves " roaring like lions ", washed away pieces of wood and other remnants of the city, sucking dead bodies as well as living people into the open sea.


In 2004 the municipality of Santa Cruz del Sur had 51,335 inhabitants. With a total area of ​​1122 km², the city has a population density of 45.8 inhabitants / km².

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