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Satoshi Morimoto (2012).

Satoshi Morimoto ( Japanese 森 本 敏 , Morimoto Satoshi ; born March 15, 1941 in Tokyo , Tokyo Prefecture ) is a Japanese scientist, former soldier and civil servant and was Minister of Defense in the Noda cabinet from June to December 2012 ( 2nd and 3rd reshuffle ) .

Morimoto attended elementary and middle school in Ashiya in Hyōgo prefecture, then a high school in Toyonaka in Osaka prefecture. He then graduated from the Defense Academy ( Bōei Daigakkō ) and then entered the air self-defense forces . In 1977 he was posted to the US Department of State Department's Security Treaty Office . Two years later, he left the service of the Self-Defense Forces and switched entirely to the State Department, for which he worked, among other things, at the embassy in Washington and completed a graduate degree at Tufts University . Since the 1990s he has increasingly taken on research and teaching assignments, including at Keiō University , Chūō University and, since 2000, as a professor at Takushoku University . From August to September 2009 he was an advisor to the Defense Minister ( bōei-daijin hosakan , a newly created office) Yasukazu Hamada ( Liberal Democrat from Chiba Prefecture).

In 2012, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda ( Democrat from Chiba Prefecture) appointed Morimoto as the successor to Defense Minister Naoki Tanaka , who had been dismissed after a resolution by the Sangiin, in a cabinet reshuffle . For the first time, no politician was appointed as defense minister, and opposition politicians criticized his appointment as evidence of the ruling Democratic Party's lack of competence in security policy.

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