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Components of a manhole cover

The manhole cover (English access cover , manhole cover ) forms the end of a manhole and is made either from cast iron , steel, stainless steel, aluminum or plastic. Correspondingly large manhole covers serve as access openings for underground systems (see manhole ). As a road drain , the cover can also be designed as a grate . A shaft hook is used to lift or unfold the heavy cover.

General names for similar components are cleaning , inspection , maintenance and inspection hatches , openings or covers (see also: hatch covers ). Covers for below the road surface installed fittings hot surface box , slide box , hydrant box , fire hydrant cap or lug .


  • Round shape (with or without ventilation or drainage openings)
  • Rectangular / square shape (with or without ventilation or drainage openings)

Classification of walkable and drivable covers

Depending on the application and load, EN 124 differentiates between different load classes for walkable and drivable covers, from A 15 (1.5 tons, for pedestrians and cyclists) to F 900 (90 tons, for flight operations areas).


  • EN 124 - Attachments and covers for traffic areas
  • ISO 15398 inspection and manholes - manhole cover made of thermoplastic material

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