Battle of Ourique

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Battle of Ourique
Part of: Reconquista
Battle of Ourique, historicizing painting from 1793
Battle of Ourique, historicizing painting from 1793
date July 25, 1139
place Ourique
output Victory of Alfonso I.
Parties to the conflict

Portucalia county



Armoires portugal 1160.svg Alfons I.

Ali ibn Yusuf

Troop strength
unknown unknown



The Battle of Ourique took place on July 25, 1139, perhaps near the city of Ourique in what is now the Alentejo (southern Portugal). The opponents were the Portuguese Count Alfonso and the Almoravids under the command of Ali ibn Yusuf .

The actual location of the decisive battle is unknown, most historians assume the battlefield near the village of Vila Chã de Ourique , which is much further north than Ourique in the Lisbon area, which is traditionally identified with the location of the battle named in the Chronicles Auriks .

The Muslim troops were made up of militias from the cities of Badajoz , Elvas , Évora , Beja and Seville . Even though the Portuguese were outnumbered, leadership problems weakened the Muslim armies so much that Alfonso won the battle.

Alfonsus used the enthusiasm for his victory to rise from the rank of count to king of Portugal . He broke away from the fiefdom of King Alfonso VII of Castile-León and founded the Kingdom of Portugal .


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