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Launching of Sterna in October 1982, left behind the Schlichting-Werft
The Schlichting shipyard was to the right of the ferry terminal

The Schlichting shipyard was a shipyard in Travemünde . The company began repairing fishing vessels on the Trave in 1898 . Small ships were then built, and later this shipyard formed the nucleus of the Harmstorf Group .

Research vessel Meteor in the Indian Ocean
Research ship Gauss in the Kiel Fjord
New building sign for construction number 2030


The company was founded on the Travemünder side of the Trave. Due to increasing orders, the company was moved to the other side, to the Priwall , in 1905 . Mainly fishing boats and sailing boats were built and repaired. The transition to steel shipbuilding was made more difficult because there were environmental regulations in Travemünde that were not to be complied with at the time, especially with regard to noise protection. After the Second World War , the final changeover took place. The difficulties with the first steel shipbuilding, the cargo ship Antonia , led to a comparison after the shipping company's financial problems.

The Schlichting shipyard was taken over by Alnwick Harmstorf in 1953 as the first shipyard. It was modernized and was soon considered one of the most efficient shipyards in Germany. From 1975 to 1978 around 25 million DM were invested. The shipyard area grew to almost 140,000 square meters. Almost all types of ships, including refrigerated ships , special tankers, heavy lift , research vessels and naval ships were designed and built with the most modern means. The modern building dock had the dimensions 160 × 26 meters. A 1,000 t slip with a length of 60 meters was available for repair purposes. Particularly sophisticated research and fishing protection boats ( Gauss , Meteor and Walter Herwig ) were built or converted. In 1980 the shipyard had around 850 employees and built ships up to 20,000 dwt.

The first oil crisis in 1973/74 caused the tanker market to collapse. Soon after, the drop in freight rates also hit bulk carriers and general cargo ships. Ships were launched due to a lack of employment or freight and charter rates that were not cost-covering. The prices for newbuildings fell because the overcapacities of the shipyards met with few newbuilding orders from the shipowners. The shipyard crisis caused by the oil crisis also reached the Harmstorf Group in the early 1980s , and in 1986 the Schlichting shipyard was closed. A retirement home was built on the site.

Special shipbuilding of the shipyard

  • Research ship Walther Herwig (construction no.1373; model 1973, client: Federal Ministry of Food)
  • Research ship Meteor (construction no.2030; construction year 1986, client: Ministry of Research)
  • Hotel ship Spree Berlin (1978, building no.1407, passed on to Deutsche Industrie-Werke in Berlin-Spandau)
  • Havel Queen
  • Danube Princess
  • Fisheries protection ship Frithjof (1968, Federal Ministry of Food)
  • Research ship Gauss (construction no. 1417, 1980, Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency)


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