Ippenburg Castle

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Ippenburg Castle: front (in the north)
Ippenburg Castle: back side (in the south)

Ippenburg Castle is an aristocratic residence in neo -Gothic style in the Lockhausen district of Bad Essen in the Osnabrück district (Lower Saxony). It has been in the von dem Bussche-Ippenburg family for more than 600 years . Ippenburg Castle and its park have become known through the garden festivals that have been taking place every year since 1998 in the style of a country party .


Today's castle had two previous buildings, a fortified castle from the late Middle Ages in the transition to the early modern period and a baroque mansion that was built after the Thirty Years War .


The first building dates from the end of the 14th century. The knight Johann von dem Bussche built a castle with loopholes, surrounded by a moat and only accessible via a drawbridge. He had a fortified wall built between the castle moat and another outer moat. The castle, which was built around an inner courtyard, was equipped with living rooms for knights and squires, a kitchen, chapel, armory, knight and book hall, junker's room and living rooms for guests. This castle existed until 1811. It was demolished because it was in disrepair.


To the north of the first castle, the von dem Busche family had a mansion with two wings built in the Baroque style on the site of today's castle after the Thirty Years' War . This also contained a house chapel, whose bell from 1724 still exists. In 1756, lightning struck the baroque gable on the main wing of the manor house. In 1862 the mansion was also demolished because it was infested with stone sponge.

Neo-Gothic castle

Park northwest of the castle

Count Wilhelm von dem Bussche had today's neo-Gothic castle with more than a hundred rooms built on the foundations of the manor house between 1862 and 1867 from Ibbenbürener sandstone . In the 1930s it was extensively renovated by Hermann Graf von dem Bussche and his wife Vera Gräfin von dem Bussche. The castle was provided with central heating; Baths were built in. The neo-Gothic furnishings were retained. Further renovations were made in the 1960s. So the roof was re-covered. In the 1980s, the tower roofs were clad in copper and the weather vane was also gilded. The representative entrance hall and the windows were renovated in the 1990s.

Agricultural and forestry business and castle park

Park south of the castle
Forest immediately west of the castle

Philip Freiherr von dem Bussche and Viktoria Freifrau von dem Bussche have lived on the property since 1976 , initially in a kötterhaus ; later the couple moved to the castle with their growing family. Philip Freiherr von dem Bussche managed the agricultural and forestry estate with 300 hectares of arable land and 330 hectares of forest until 2012. In 2012 his son Viktor took over the farm. In 2016 Viktor von dem Bussche left Ippenburg Castle. Thereupon Philip Freiherr von dem Bussche took over the management of the estate again. The arable land and pig farming were managed in a cooperation that had been in preparation for some time, which has been formed in equal parts by Gut Ippenburg and the farming families Dohrmann and Twachtmann from Steyerberg near Nienburg since November 1st. The farmer Torge Twachtmann runs the operative business with the support of the baron.

Viktoria Freifrau von dem Bussche studied art history ; she is a hobby gardener who is passionate about English gardens. The exterior of the castle was redesigned according to their ideas. She and her husband are responsible for marketing the garden festivals. She is supported in organizing the festivals by her daughter-in-law, Deborah.

The neo-Gothic castle, the large kitchen garden, the artful show gardens and, for some time now, the wooded area west of the castle can only be visited during the annual festivals. The site is not accessible to visitors on other days. On Sundays from May to July, however, the park of the castle can be visited for an entrance fee.

Garden festival

In 1998 Viktoria von dem Bussche organized the first English-style garden festival on the grounds of Ippenburg Castle. Around 10,000 visitors came to the festival. In the following years, festivals were held in April, on Corpus Christi and the following days as well as in autumn. The castle and its park form the visual backdrop for the presentation and sale of plants, horticultural supplies, accessories for garden design and culinary delights. Most of the stalls are in white tents.

The choice of dates for the spring festival turned out to be a problem. For the “Daffodil Festival” 2006 in the first third of April, hardly any daffodils had bloomed outdoors, and in years with an early Easter there were only three weeks between the spring and summer festivals, which took place weeks later. Ultimately, the spring date was abandoned. It was replaced for the first time in 2019 by the “pre-Christmas” (self-promotion) “Ippenburger Brocante Festival”, which is to take place regularly at the beginning of November.

In 2010, Ippenburg Castle Park was a core area of ​​the 4th Lower Saxony State Horticultural Show , which was awarded to Bad Essen on March 31, 2009 . In 2010, the State Garden Show replaced the garden festivals on the castle grounds.

Rosarium 2000+ in summer 2016

The symbol of the Ippenburg Festival has been the Taraxatum ( dandelion ) water sculpture by Ugo Dossi made from a 300-year-old oak trunk since 2001 .

The Rosarium 2000+, built in 2013, was last seen in 2016 in the Ippenburg Palace Park. Viktoria von dem Bussche gave it to the city of Bad Iburg . Around 1,100 roses from the years 2001 to 2013 and around 1,500 shrubs and grasses in the palace gardens were presented at the Bad Iburg State Horticultural Show 2018 .


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