School garden (Lübeck)

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The Lübeck school garden in August 2007
Blooming copper rock pears in April 2008

The school garden is a publicly accessible botanical garden in the Lübeck district of St. Jürgen with around 2000 plant species on an area of ​​8,000 square meters.

Location and history

The school garden is located on the Falkenwiese between the outdoor pool on the Falkenwiese on the Wakenitzufer and the sports facilities on the low western bank of the Wakenitz . The then Lübeck city gardener Erwin Barth developed the first plans as early as 1909. In 1914 a nursery garden was realized by his successor Harry Maasz . In 1919 and 1925 Harry Maasz made plans for the construction of a school garden, but these were not implemented. In 1930, under gardening inspector Rudolf Engehausen (1894–1943), the school garden was finally laid out on the area of ​​the Maasz cultivation garden. During the Second World War , the area was used for growing potatoes and vegetables. In 1950 it was reopened as a teaching and school garden.

Association for the promotion of the Lübeck school garden e. V.

In the fall of 2014, the association Promotion of the Lübeck School Garden eV was founded by 13 Lübeck citizens. The association promotes the beauty and diversity of the garden and organizes guided tours and events through the garden. The garden is a place of visit with free entry for kindergartens, school classes and those looking for relaxation. The garden has been a listed building since 2017.

Park and plants

Rondell with pond rose basin

The school garden is a horticultural experimental field; it is constantly being planted, cut and moved. School children should experience the phases of the vegetation through their own work in natural history lessons.

Garden areas

School garden in Lübeck: rock garden.

From the main entrance, the following garden areas are located in a clockwise direction:

  • Event space
  • Lily pad
  • Crops
  • Cottage garden
  • Sample perennial bed
  • Alpinum
  • pond
  • Wildflower meadow
  • Sunken garden, framed with arcades and pergolas

Special plants


Economic house

A thatched wooden house serves as a farm building to accommodate gardening tools and as a lounge for gardeners. In the glass greenhouse on Falkenstrasse, non-winter-proof plants such as palm trees are housed in the cold season. A café-house is operated during the summer months. In 2018, a book pavilion was built on the wildflower meadow, where garden literature is available for reading on site.


  • Fountain sculpture Water-scooping girl from the years 1919/1920 by Ernst Müller-Braunschweig at the end of the Lindentunnel; she is called "Dorothea" by the people of Lübeck.
  • Plastic panther by Fritz Behn from 1934 in the cottage garden. It was originally in Eschenburgpark . The city of Lübeck bought it in 1960.


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Web links

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Coordinates: 53 ° 52 ′ 9.4 "  N , 10 ° 42 ′ 14.2"  E