Schwyz hound

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Swiss hound / Schwyzer hound
Schwyz hound
FCI Standard No. 59
1.2 Medium-sized hounds
Origin :


Alternative names:

Rotschecke, Courant schwytzois, Schwyz Hound, Sabueso de Schwyz

Withers height:

Males: 49–59 cm.
Bitches: 47–57 cm

Varieties :
  • Bernese hound
  • Jurassic hound
  • Lucerne hound
  • Schwyz hound
List of domestic dogs

The Schwyzer hound belongs to the Swiss hound breed , which is a breed from Switzerland recognized by the FCI ( FCI group 6, section 1.2, standard no. 59 ).

History of the breed

The breed comes from the Swiss canton of Schwyz. Already in appearance it is closely related to the Hubertushund . Another relationship shows similarities with neighboring French races: Porcelaine or the extinct Francais Blanc et Orange . In the past, this variant was also available with wire hair, but this breed has now died out. He is one of the four Swiss hounds (Chiens courants suisse; Swiss Hounds; Sabueso Suizos) that have been grouped under one breed standard by the FCI, but are assessed separately at exhibitions.

Other variants:

Brief description

  • Up to 59 cm tall and 23 kg heavy hunting dog.
  • The ears are set far back, very large, heavy, folded and twisted.
  • Hair: short, coarse and dense
  • Color: white with orange spots or an orange saddle, sometimes with a few orange splashes; an orange coat is permitted.
Schwyzer hound at work


Pack dog, hunting dog on driven and driven hunts. Shall the game drive the archer. Welding work on the belt is done excellently and cleanly after thorough training. Track and track sounds are firmly anchored in this breed. During driven hunts , the dog can be heard chasing far away. He uses different track sounds for different game.

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