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General information
Genre (s) punk
founding 1996
Founding members
Vocals, guitar
Florian Kropius
Steve Lachner
Andreas Rammler
Jens Hoffmann
Current occupation
Vocals, guitar
Florian Kropius
Steve Lachner
Andreas Rammler
Basti Wedekind (since 2010)
former members
Jens Hofmann (until 2010)

Scorefor (founded under the name Shit ) is a German punk rock - band from Sachsenkam .


In 1996, the four friends Florian Kropius, Andreas Rammler, Steve Lachner and Jens Hoffmann founded the punk - band Shit, which, however, was renamed after a short time in Scorefor. In the same year she won the ignition radio band competition of the Bavarian radio as part of a B2 live broadcast. After this competition success, things continued to improve. Concerts all over Bavaria followed, including for renowned acts such as Bananafishbones , Blumentopf and many more. Already after a short band existence, songs were placed on compilations for the first time, as well as two own EPs were released. The latter, entitled Rotten Kid , has already sold almost 800 times without any marketing or sales support.

In November 2000, the Visions magazine decided to put the song Fit in on the "All Areas" sampler, which ultimately convinced the WOM sound carrier chain so that Scorefor was immediately nominated for the "WOM New Talents Act 2000" and then ended up among the top three bands. Just a month later, Rock Hard magazine finally came across the band and placed the track I will on their “Unheard of” CD.

At the beginning of 2001 the band members signed a management contract with Modern Noise, and in July the first offers from record companies from home and abroad followed. Ultimately, the Wolverine label won the race in the SPV distribution . This released the single I Don't Know Why in September and was followed by the full long player Leaving the Birdcage at the end of the same month . In December 2001, the band made a video clip for the song Heavy Weight Champion , which was finally released as a single in March.

In spring 2003 they went back to the studio to record the album Just Another Version of Truth , which was available from June 2003. There was also a single with the song Where Are the Flowers Daddy Used to Bring , for which a music video was produced.

Usually Scorefor's texts are in English only; In 2004, however, they released the completely German single Söhne der Berge , an unofficial rock club anthem for EC Bad Tölz .

After a tour in the USA and Canada, the single Can't Wake Up and the accompanying album Three Chord Symphony were released in November 2005 . Most recently, Milano, a cover version of Bologna , a title by the band Wanda , was released in 2016 .


The exact musical style of Scorefor can be classified somewhere between skatepunk , melodycore and german punk . Similar to skate punk, most of their songs convey fun, but they often also contain socially critical texts, a particular example of this would be the song Can't Wake Up .

Despite their success, the basement of their parents' house still serves as a rehearsal room and both bassist Andreas Rammler and guitarist Stefan Lachner work as bank clerks and Florian Kropius as secondary school teacher.

In 2007, on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the band organized the "The South quakes" festival in Bad Tölz , where Liquido played among other things .



  • I'm a Rotten Kid
  • 2001: I Don't Know Why
  • 2002: Heavyweight Champion
  • 2004: Sons of the Mountains (EC Bad Tölz Fansong)
  • 2005: Where Are the Flowers Daddy Used to Bring
  • 2005: Can't Wake up
  • 2012: We'll win the championship (FCB fansong, Youtube only)
  • 2012: Bavaria is passion (FCB fansong, only Youtube)
  • 2014: Südkurve Munich - That's us
  • 2016: Milano


  • September 26, 2001: Leaving the Birdcage
  • June 16, 2003: Just Another Version of Truth
  • November 4, 2005: Three Chord Symphony
  • July 12, 2008: Living in the Moment
  • Spring 2017: Lost Memories (4-track album, only available online)


  • 1st place in the "Zündfunk-Bandwettbewerb" of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation
  • 3rd place "WOM New Talents Act 2000"

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