Sebastian Horsley

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Horsley at a retrospective at Spectrum London in 2007

Sebastian Horsley (born August 8, 1962 , † June 17, 2010 in London ) was a British writer and artist . He gained national fame as a " dandy ".


Sebastian Horsley was born in 1962 to a former Northern Foods manager . His parents were reportedly both alcoholics . Horsley became known within the UK as a talk show guest and performance artist . A performance in which he was crucified in the Philippines is mentioned particularly often . Because of his remarks on drug use and the resulting moral depravity , he was banned from entering the United States . This entry ban sparked commentary on U.S. immigration law in reputable newspapers such as the Washington Post . Horsley himself worked for this medium, so he published regularly in the British newspapers The Observer , New Statesman and The Independent , as well as in the magazine The Erotic Review . He last lived in the London borough of Soho , where he died in June 2010. Heroin overdose was reported to be the cause of death .


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