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Geographical location of Serenje

Serenje is a small town at the southern end of the Muchinga Mountains . It is located on the Tanzam Highway and the TAZARA in the central province of Zambia . It is 1400 meters above sea level and is the seat of the administration of the district of the same name with 132,836 inhabitants (2000 census).


Serenje is 191 kilometers north of Kapiri Mposhi . This is where the so-called Chinese Road branches off , a paved, little-traveled road to Samfya on Lake Bangweulus and on to Nchelenge on Lake Mweru . Serenje is an agrarian place, the market of the district and a resting place for tourists in the Kasanka National Park , the South Luangwa National Park and from Tanzania . This busy location has created a number of jobs and certainly has further potential, because this is the bottleneck between the developed south and the underdeveloped north of the country.

Transport, business and education

The place is on the T2 trunk road . In Serenje there is also an unpaved, 1000 meter long runway and a petrol station with a car service.

The regional economy includes the Siga Siga Resthouse, a restaurant and a supermarket as well as a few local shops. There are elementary and secondary schools.


About 15 kilometers north of Serenje is a guest house. 5 km away are the Mulembo Falls of the Kalwa River, which cascade down into the valley in several cascades. The Mutinondo wilderness falls and lodge are halfway towards Mpika .

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Coordinates: 13 ° 16 '  S , 30 ° 14'  E