Silvius II. Friedrich (Württemberg-Oels)

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Sylvius II. Friedrich von Württemberg-Oels (born February 21, 1651 in Oels ; † June 3, 1697 ibid) was Duke of Württemberg-Oels .

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Sylvius Friedrich was the second son of Duke Sylvius Nimrod von Württemberg-Oels (1622–1664) from his marriage to Elisabeth Marie von Oels (1625–1686).

After the death of his father in 1664, the mother initially reigned over her four sons in the Duchy of Oels. The princes went on their gentlemanly journey to the Netherlands, among other places, where the eldest brother Karl Ferdinand died in 1669.

In 1672 the remaining three brothers took over the government and divided the country; however, they still had one vote to share on the Prince's Day. Sylvius Friedrich received Oels, his brother Christian Ulrich Bernstadt and the youngest of the brothers Julius Siegmund Medzibor and Trebnitz . Sylvius Friedrich continued to reign for his youngest brother, Julius Siegmund, who was still underage, until he came of age, which his mother had resigned in 1673.

Sylvius Friedrich married on May 7, 1672 in Oels Eleonore Charlotte (1656–1743), daughter of Duke Georg II of Württemberg-Mömpelgard . The marriage remained childless and Sylvius Friedrich died in 1697 without leaving an heir. On the orders of Sylvius Friedrich's mother, Oels fell to her next younger son Christian Ulrich I.

Sylvius Friedrich was a member of the Fruit-Bringing Society under the name of "the Protector" .