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Simon Plouffe (born June 11, 1956 in Saint-Jovite , Québec ) is a Canadian mathematician .

Plouffe discovered 1995, the BBP algorithm underlying formula (the Bailey-Borwein-Plouffe formula ) showing the extraction of the n th digit of the binary expansion of the circle number allows π. Plouffe is also a co-author of the Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences , which became an On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences in 1995 . In 1996, Plouffe discovered an algorithm for computing π in arbitrary bases . Until 2012, Plouffe's Inverter was a website that listed over 200 million mathematical constants and made it possible to find the corresponding mathematical definition from the sequence of their first decimal digits. The Inverse Symbolic Calculator Plus website offers some substitute .
Both online number checkers are based on the Inverse Symbolic Calculator that Peter and Jonathan Borwein set up together with Simon Plouffe at Simon Fraser University in the late 1990s .

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