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Skalamanda is a ska band from Hammelburg, Franconia, founded in 1999 .

Band history

When the band was founded in 1999, it only had three members: Stefan Heilmann, Christian Thannheuser and Timo Frank. However, she soon reinforced herself with Thilo Vierheilig, who became the band's singer, and the saxophonist Caro Fröhlich. Together they record a single called à la Ska .

In the following year three more band members join: Sascha Turtschany, Markus Weis and Christoph Emmerth, with whom they recorded another single in 2001 ( Ska Fiction ).

In the course of time, two band members quit, for whom two new ones come. In 2002 their debut album "be shaky" was released.

The eight-piece band performs at concerts all over Germany and has played with The Selecter and Skaos , among others . The lively music style of the band is based on classic Ska .

Band line-up

  • Thilo Vierheilig - vocals (since 1999)
  • Sascha Turtschany - guitar (since 2000)
  • Markus Weis - Keyboard (since 2000)
  • Timo Frank - Bass (since foundation)
  • Christian Thannheuser - drums (since foundation)
  • Christian Schäfer - percussion and vocals (since 2004)
  • Daniela Klopf - trumpet (since 2002)
  • Christoph Emmerth - trombone (since 2000)

former members

  • Stefan Heilmann - keyboard and trumpet (founded until 2001)
  • Caro Fröhlich - saxophone (1999 to 2001)



  • 1999: à la Ska
  • 2001: Ska Fiction


  • 2002: be shaky
  • 2007: 210

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