Engelbrecht sculpture park

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Engelbrecht sculpture park
The blacksmith I
The blacksmith , I.
place Château des Fougis, 03220 Thionne, France Coordinates: 46 ° 25 ′ 37.2 ″  N , 3 ° 33 ′ 52.4 ″  EWorld icon
Collection of monumental sculptures by Erich Engelbrecht as well as private interior exhibition of earlier works
opening Development 2002–2011
ErbG Engelbrecht
Waltraud Engelbrecht
Engelbrecht sculpture park (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)
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Les Fougis, Thionne
Les Fougis, Thionne
Localization of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in France
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Engelbrecht sculpture park in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes map (France).
Engelbrecht Sculpture Park (Allier)
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Les Fougis, Thionne
Les Fougis, Thionne
Allier localization in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes France
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Engelbrecht sculpture park in the Allier map (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes).

The Erich Engelbrecht Sculpture Park is located on the grounds of the Château des Fougis in Thionne , Allier Department , France and shows monumental sculptures made of solid steel by the artist Erich Engelbrecht.

Erich Engelbrecht bought the Les Fougis property in 2001 in order to set up a sculpture park in the gardens and on the former field and hunting grounds of the castle. In the main wing of the palace, the artist realized a second exhibition of earlier works on loan from a private collection. Large-format wall tapestries, wooden sculptures, oil paintings, smaller steel figures and graphics are on display.

The open-air exhibition is open to the public, the indoor exhibition can only be visited by private agreement.

Les Fougis

At the turn of the century (between 1898 and 1903) the building was renovated and redesigned.

“Old windows from the former facade to the castle courtyard were moved to other facades. Ultimately, the building was given the character of a Renaissance palace that was very much in keeping with the taste of the builders of the time. "

After purchasing the property, Erich Engelbrecht carried out several works (both on the buildings and in the garden and in the meadows) to set up Les Fougis for this exhibition. Some of the family members of Erich Engelbrecht settled in Fougis, where they currently live and work.

Erich Engelbrecht

Erich Engelbrecht (born October 27, 1928 in Bielefeld ; † July 21, 2011 in Vichy , France) was a German artist with work in various fields. This includes paintings, graphics, tapestries, sculptures and architecture as well as poems and stories.

He was born on October 27, 1928 in Bielefeld. From 1949 to 1954 he studied electronics and various subjects in mechanical engineering and economics at the Technical University of Hanover , where he also attended the Kestner Society . After completing his studies, he worked as an industrial consultant - with interruptions - until 1964. In 1957 he received his doctorate from the TH Hannover as Dr.-Ing. and studied philosophy and art history at the University of Munich from 1958 to 1960 . During his studies he also became acquainted with the teaching and analysis of Carl Gustav Jung . In 1960 he created his first artistic work from found parts (machine parts and rubber) and one year later leased a farmhouse in Holterdorf near Melle (Lower Saxony) as a workshop, which he later acquired and converted. During this time, the first, in some cases very large, oil paintings on canvas or wooden panels were created, including wooden figures (oil on plywood that float freely in front of the wall thanks to spacers). From 1963 to 1965 he stayed in a second studio in Locarno during the winter , where the first painted wooden figures were made. In 1965 he set up the tapestry workshop in Holterdorf and produced his first own tapestries. In 1969 he dealt with graphic work, initially screen printing , later lithography and etching, and set up a yarn dyeing factory in the house. He also had his first solo exhibition in the Kunsthalle Bielefeld . In 1972, he set up his first large, colored sculpture in his birthplace. In 1976 he created large colored ceramic pictures before he turned to an architecture project from 1982 to 1984: He designed and built a house in Werther in the Teutoburg Forest . In addition, he later made large sculptures made of structural steel for the exterior and smaller sculptures for the interior. This was followed in 1987 by a large solo exhibition at the Bernheim-Jeune gallery in Paris, in 1996 the large-scale sculpture “ The Lesson I” in Melle-Neuenkirchen (Lower Saxony) and a year later the temporary installation of the pair of sculptures “ Die Tanzenden Berserker ” on the so-called " Altona balcony " on the banks of the Elbe in Hamburg-Altona . From 2001 until his death on July 21, 2011 in Vichy, he planned and built a sculpture park on the grounds of the Château des Fougis in Bourbonnais in France. Engelbrecht had been married since 1959 and had four daughters. He was buried in the park of the Château des Fougis.

Construction of the sculpture park

The first sculptures arrived in 2002. The exhibition was expanded to include 29 monumental and (mostly) colored sculptures by 2011. The last and smallest sculpture arrived shortly after Engelbrecht's death.

All sculptures were made in Germany and transported to Fougis, where their final assembly took place.

Two sculptures at the entrance to the park were made in 1984, stood at the entrance of his house in Germany for several years and were later exhibited in Hamburg-Altona for several years.

Some sculptures are scattered around the Château des Fougis, others follow a path.

The indoor exhibition contains a selection of large-format tapestries, oil paintings, smaller steel figures and graphics. It was built between 2004 and 2010 by the artist and his wife.

List of sculptures

Map of the Engelbrecht sculpture park

List of all sculptures in the park with catalog number, original work and date of the original, date of construction in Fougis, height, weight, panel thickness, surface treatment and steel mill.

List of all the large sculptures in the park
# Catal. Names O date FR height Weight D. surface SW
1 010.0320 The blacksmith , I. Z 1985 2002 10.0 112.00 0.33 Raw steel vS
2 011.0321 He throws himself in the chest Z 1992 2002 7.0 13.75 0.25 Raw steel vS
3 012.0322 The bird and the bird's son ZS 1973 2003 6.3 12.00 0.055 Polychrome WDjr
4th 013.0323 Lapsed Z 1986 2004 7.0 28.26 0.23 painted black vS
5 014.0324 The skeptic Z 1992 2004 12.0 45.90 0.35 Painted white vS
6th 015.0325 Icarus Z 1992 2004 9.0 61.45 0.30 Painted white vS
7th 016.0326 Chief Sharp Tongue , II Z 1990 2004 7.0 29.52 0.23 Painted white vS
8th 017.0327 Mundalin's homecoming Z 1990 2005 9.0 56.64 0.30 Painted white vS
9 018.0328 Elvira (red) G 1961 2006 7.8 15.57 0.23 Polychrome vS
10 019.0329 The gun and the victim H 1964 2005 5.3 9.73 0.055 Polychrome J-DH
11 020.0330 The conjurer , I. Z 1989 2005 7.0 24.16 0.23 Painted white J-DH
12 021.0331 The torment , IV Z 1990 2006 7.0 31.12 0.23 Painted white J-DH
13 022.0332 The Prosecutor , I. Z 1986 2006 5.0 6.32 0.16 Painted white J-DH
14th 023.0333 The lesson , I. Z 1985 2006 8.0 37.32 0.26 painted black vS
15th 024.0334 The writer Z 1986 2006 7.1 9.18 0.23 Painted white J-DH
16 025.0335 The feeler Z 1992 2006 7.8 15.38 0.24 Painted white vS
17th 026.0336 The lying dragon G 1963 2006 2.9 23.99 0.28 Polychrome J-DH
18th 027.0337 Flying is difficult Z 1992 2006 7.2 12.98 0.23 painted black J-DH
19th 028.0338 The horse-necked king , IV Z 1989 2006 7.0 27.73 0.23 Painted blue J-DH
20th 029.0339 Does the man have a pig! Z 1992 2006 7.5 21.84 0.23 Painted yellow vS
21st 030.0340 The knight with the duck Z 1992 2009 7.0 25.64 0.23 Painted blue vS
22nd 031.0341 The annihilation of the elephant , II Z 1990 2009 7.0 28.11 0.23 painted black vS
23 032.0342 The princess and the dragon , III Z 1991 2007 11.6 92.40 0.32 Painted beige vS
24 034.0344 Dancing berserker, the double Z 1984 2007 7.5 27.98 0.23 Raw steel J-DH
25th 033.0343 Dancing Berserker, The Evening Walker , II Z 1984 2007 7.6 28.10 0.23 Raw steel J-DH
26th 035.0345 Elvira (blue) G k. A. 2009 11.0 40.36 0.30 Polychrome vS
27 036.0346 Rumpelstiltskin Z 1986 2011 2.2 0.42 0.07 painted black WDjr
28 004.0314 Dancing berserker, the double Z 1984 2006 4.5 6.40 0.14 Raw steel FA
29 003.0313 Dancing Berserker, The Evening Goer Z 1984 2006 4.4 6.40 0.14 Raw steel FA
  • All sculptures have been cut out of solid steel plates (thickness from 5.5 to 35 cm).
  • The seven numbers are references in the current catalog for the catalog raisonné : the first three-digit number relates to the numbering within a group, the second four-digit number to the numbering of the entire work.
  • Column O - ( O for original work): Z - drawings (25); G - painting (3); S - steel sculpture (1) (after previous wooden sculpture); H - wooden sculpture (1).
  • The date column indicates the year the original work was created, be it as a drawing, painting or sculpture.
  • Column FR indicates the year of arrival and placement in Fougis. Sculptures #28and #29were made in 1984 and were previously in Melle and Hamburg before they were transported to Fougis in 2006.
  • Mass units: height and plate thickness (column "D" ) in meters , weight in tons .
  • Column SW ( SW for steelworks): FA - Friedrich Amtenbrink KG - Gütersloh (2); vS - from Schaeven AG - Essen (15); J-DH - Jebbens GmbH (Dillinger Hütte) - Korntal-Münchingen (10); WDjr - Wilhelm Deppe Jr - Bielefeld (2).


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  • Gottfried Knapp, João J. de Abreu Vares, Waltraud Engelbrecht: Erich Engelbrecht - introspective pictures (German and English). Edition Axel Menges 2019, ISBN 978-3-86905-014-0

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