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FCI Standard No. 129
1.2 Medium-sized hounds
Origin :


Alternative names:

Småland hound, Småland hound

Withers height:

Male: 46–54 cm, ideally 50 cm.
Bitch: 42–52 cm, ideally 46 cm.


not specified

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The Smålandsstövare is a Swedish dog breed recognized by the FCI ( No. 129, Gr. 6, Sec. 1.2 ) .

Origin and history

The Smålandsstövare comes from the area around the cities of Jönköping and Huskvarna , from the historic province of Småland in southern Sweden . He has a good reputation as a hare and fox hunter. One trait that is common is the congenital stub tail , a genetic defect. Initially, stub tailing appeared in 50% of the puppies . With the recognition in 1921, the Svenska Kennel Club demanded that a normal long tail should be aimed for, as the mortality of the puppies is increased if both parents have the stubby tail ( semi-lethal factor ). Nevertheless, the predisposition to stump tailing is still widespread in the breed, so that stub tailed dogs are still born today. In the evaluation, these dogs have no disadvantages compared to normal-tailed dogs.


The appearance corresponds roughly to a small Rottweiler , especially with a stubby tail . It grows up to 50 cm and weighs 18 kg; its fur is black with tan, of medium length, dense, rough with a short undercoat that is soft and dense. The ears are medium-sized and drooping.

Individual evidence

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