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Floor of the town hall of Głogów (Poland)
Remaining arbor of the "Red Palace" built in 1826 and demolished around 1960 on Friedrichsplatz in Kassel

A söller or arbor (more rarely also: the arbor ) is an open platform on an upper floor of a building, resting on pillars or walls . Probably the same word origin is the name Aldene, which is common in some southwest German cities, for the roof terrace of older buildings, which is often used to dry laundry.

If the Söller is supported by a series of columns or arches , these form a colonnade or an archway ( arcade ).

In some parts of Germany, such as the Lower Rhine, Söller is colloquially a synonym for attic or attic storage .

Word origin

The name Söller is derived from the Latin solarium , which describes a place under the open sun (Latin sol ) and characterizes an uncovered, sun-exposed platform. Altan / Altane comes from the Italian altana , which is derived from the Latin altus, -a, -um 'high' , thus emphasizing the feature of the raised platform , in contrast to the terrace .


In contrast to the balcony , which protrudes by means of consoles or a similar supporting structure, an arbor rests on pillars , columns or a part of the building below.

Altane are among other things a typical feature of Venetian houses.

In the medieval house, the Söller is a wooden or stone exit on the upper floor. The Söller is reinforced to the ground and provided with a parapet.

Some Söller are provided with a staircase, especially in the part of a castle or palace that houses the representative rooms .

Altane are often supported by special columns or pillars such as caryatids , atlases or hermes .

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