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The Spiegelhof farmhouse is located in Bremen , Burglesum district, Werderland district, Lesumbroker Landstrasse 220. The house was built in 1667 (inscription). It has been a listed building in Bremen since 1973 .


The Werderland in Lesumbrok between Lesum and Weser is a marshland with few trees and was a quarry land ( marshland ) colonized from Lesum . In the Middle Ages around after 1200 there was a Freihof here as a court-independent court, which was able to protect the persecuted for three days without being bothered by the court of justice. In the 13th to 15th centuries, the Knights of Aumund owned the Meierhof , later that of Schönebeck and then the Steding family from Bremen . At the extreme corner of the Werderland, between oaks and ash trees, stands the Hof to den voten or Hof t'on Ort , later the Spiegelhof. The shipbuilder Johann Lange bought the estate around 1840 . In 1889 Albrecht Buschmann from Grambke leased the farm.

The well-preserved, authentic, single storey, bricks that, reith covered 25 meters long and 13 meters wide, half-timbered and H-frame hall house with gable roof and southern hipped , round Ulenlock the northern house gables and the southern Groten Dör in Grotdörgiebel was in the era of the 1667 Baroque built. It is the oldest Lower Saxony house in Bremen with 200 m² of living space and 160 m² of stable; the Flett alone (an open kitchen-cum-living room) with rare Weser sandstone slabs covers 70 m².

A repair from 1983/84 was carried out with 260,000 DM in funding from the Wohnliche Stadt Foundation and considerable own funds from the Spiegel family (descendants of Albrecht Buschmann).
The 640 m² roof was renewed in 2013. Today (2018) the house is used for residential purposes.

The doctor's house from around 1770, Lesumbroker Landstrasse 110, is also a listed building.


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Coordinates: 53 ° 9 '32.4 "  N , 8 ° 37' 58.8"  E