Spillane Fjord

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Spillane Fjord
Waters Exasperation Inlet
Land mass Grahamland , Antarctic Peninsula
Geographical location 65 ° 20 ′  S , 62 ° 10 ′  W Coordinates: 65 ° 20 ′  S , 62 ° 10 ′  W
Spillane Fjord (Antarctic Peninsula)
Spillane Fjord
width 3 km
length 16 km
Greatest water depth 1250 m
Medium water depth 1000 m
Tributaries Tschernootschene Glacier , Wesselie Glacier

The Spillane Fjord is a 16 km long, 3 km wide and up to 1250 m deep fjord on the Oskar II coast of Graham Land on the Antarctic Peninsula . In the western part of Exasperation Inlet, it lies in front of the mouth of the Crane Glacier . The fjord was created by the drastic retreat of the Crane Glacier as a result of the breakup of the northern part of the Larsen Ice Shelf in March 2002.

The extent of the fjord was determined by means of barythmetric swath measurements. It was first used in April 2006 by RV Nathaniel B. Palmer . The Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names named him in 2007 after the ship technician Joshua John Spillane (1974-2006), who went missing on April 16, 2006 while the RV L. M. Gould was sailing from Palmer Station to Punta Arenas in Drake Street.

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