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Stab (old high German 'the supportive, stiff maker') stands for:

stab (English to pierce, to push) stands for:

  • a staccato chord played in various contemporary musical genres

Stab is the family name of the following people:

  • Ottmar Stab (* before 1510; † 1585), reformer from Sinsheim, court preacher and pastor in Burgheim, Donauwörth and Kempten
  • Ottmar Staff the Younger (1543 – after 1610), Poeta laureatus

The abbreviation STAB stands for:

  • Fluid mechanics working group , an association of fluid researchers under the umbrella of the DGLR
  • Svenska Tändsticks AB, a Swedish match manufacturer, Swedish Match

The abbreviation stab stands for:

The abbreviation StAB stands for:

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