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Changing material properties (also changing material properties ) is one of the six main groups of manufacturing processes that the central DIN 8580 specifies for manufacturing technology .


Changing material properties includes all processes in which the properties of a material are specifically and permanently changed. The aim is to improve the properties of a substance in such a way that either easier processing is possible or it is optimized for actual use. This mostly happens through changes in the submicroscopic or interatomic range, for example through diffusion of atoms , generation and movement of dislocations in the atomic lattice and through chemical reactions . These mechanisms are mainly induced by the effects of temperature and their effects are influenced by temperature , pressure and mass concentration . Most of the time, unavoidable changes in shape also occur (for example hardening distortion - these are only considered forming processes if they are intended in the machining process).


Change substance properties includes the following groups and subgroups:

  1. Hardening by forming: Hardening blasting DIN 8200, hardening by rolling , hardening by drawing , hardening by forging
  2. Heat treatment (DIN EN 10052 ): annealing , hardening , isothermal conversion , tempering and aging , quenching and tempering , freezing , thermochemical treatment (e.g. nitriding ), precipitation hardening
  3. Thermomechanical treatment : austenite form hardening , hot isostatic recompaction
  4. Sintering and firing
  5. Magnetize
  6. Irradiation
  7. Photochemical processes : exposure

Property changes

The following properties are specifically influenced by the manufacturing process of changing the material properties in mechanical engineering :

Other manufacturing processes

Other main groups of manufacturing processes in accordance with DIN 8580 : primary forming , forming , cutting , joining and coating


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Individual evidence

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