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Strata-East Records is an American jazz record label founded in 1971 by Stanley Cowell and Charles Tolliver .

The independent record label released over 60 albums in the 1970s, including a. by artists such as Charles Brackeen , The Heath Brothers , Clifford Jordan , Larry Ridley , Max Roach , Charlie Rouse , Shirley Scott and Pharoah Sanders . The first LP was released in 1971, the album Music Inc by Charles Tolliver's group of the same name. Gil Scott-Heron's 1974 album Winter in America with Brian Jackson and the single The Bottle was released on Strata-East .

Artists on the label were sampled by hip-hop producers, for example Q-Tip sampled the Heath Brothers for the song "One Love" by Nas (rapper) . On the album Yesterdays Universe by producer Madlib from 2007 there is a tribute song on the Strata-East label, ("Two for Strata-East").

Selected albums

  • Charles Brackeen: Rhythm X (1968)
  • Stanley Cowell: Musa Anchestral Streams (1973)
  • Billy Harper - Capra Black (1973)
  • John Hicks - Hell's Bells (1975)
  • Charlie Rouse: Two is One (1974)
  • George Russell - Electronic Sonata For Souls Loved by Nature 1980
  • Charles Tolliver: Live at Slugs, Vol. 1 & 2 (1970/1973)
  • Charles Tolliver: - Impact (1975)


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