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Net-handled witch bolete (Suillellus luridus)

Net-handled witch bolete ( Suillellus luridus )

Subclass : Agaricomycetidae
Order : Boletales (Boletales)
Subordination : Boletineae
Family : Boletaceae (Boletaceae)
Pulveroboletus group
Genre : Suillellus
Scientific name

Suillellus is a fungal genus from the family of Dickröhrlingsverwandten (Boletaceae).

The type species is the Netzstielige witch bolete ( Suillellus luridus ).


Macroscopic features

The fruiting bodies are centrally stalked. The hat has a smooth or nearly smooth, dry or slightly smeary surface. The tubes are usually bare, small, and yellow. Their mouths, which are closed when they are young, are colored red or orange from the start. They are not covered by any velum. The stem is full and usually has a reticulated or dotted pattern. The firm flesh is white or yellow in color.

Microscopic features

The elongated-elliptical and smooth-walled spores appear yellowish-brown and sometimes with green tones.


Suillellus species form ectomycorrhiza with various deciduous and coniferous trees.


The genus Suillellus comprises 11 species worldwide, 6 of which occur or are expected in Europe.

Suillellus worldwide
German name Scientific name Author quote
Adonis Röhrling Suillellus adonis (Pöder & H. Ladurner) Vizzini, Simonini & Gelardi 2014
Suillellus amygdalinus (Thiers) Vizzini, Simonini & Gelardi 2014
Atlantic witch bolete Suillellus atlanticus (Blanco-Dios & G. Marques) Vizzini, Simonini & Gelardi 2014
Deceptive witch bolete Suillellus comptus (Simonini) Vizzini, Simonini & Gelardi 2014
Suillellus hypocarycinus (Singer) Murrill 1948
Suillellus luridiceps Murrill 1946
Net-handled witch bolete Suillellus luridus (Schaeff.) Murrill 1909
Short-networked witch tubule Suillellus mendax (Simonini & Vizzini) Vizzini, Simonini & Gelardi 2014
Suillellus pictiformis Murrill 1943
Smooth-handled witch bolete Suillellus queletii (Schulzer) Vizzini, Simonini & Gelardi 2014


The genus Suillellus was established in 1909 by the American mycologist William Alphonso Murrill (1869–1957) with Suillellus luridus (originally described as a boletus species) as the type species. The taxon later disappeared in the synonymy of Boletus , but was taken up again by Alfredo Vizzini in 2014 after molecular studies showed that the species group around the net-handled witch boletus forms its own phylogenetic branch.

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