Sulpicius II of Bourges

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Saint-Sulpice Church , Paris (17th century)

Sulpicius II. (* Late 6th century in Vatan , France , † January 17, 647 in Bourges ) was Bishop of Bourges and is a saint of the Catholic Church.


Sulpicius II was the descendant of a Gallo-Roman noble family. He became a deacon under Bishop Austregisilus (Outrille) of Bourges and initially headed the episcopal school. Later, Chlothar II , the king of the Franconian Empire appointed him to the court chaplain . When the bishop of Bourges - Saint Austregisilus - died in 624, Sulpicius II was appointed as his successor.

As a bishop, Sulpicius strove primarily to restore ecclesiastical discipline and to convert the Jews. He took part in the Synod of Clichy in 626 . He consecrated his treasurer Desiderius as Bishop of Cahors . Towards the end of his life, Sulpicius installed a coadjutor , retired to a monastery he founded, and died at the age of about fifty on January 17, 647.


The Holy more were churches consecrated, including Saint-Sulpice in Paris, the priest Jean-Jacques Olier in 1642 the priest Congregation of the Sulpician founded. Other important buildings are the three apsidial Romanesque priory church of Saint-Sulpice in the small southwestern French town of Marignac and the late Gothic church of Saint-Sulpice in Fougères . The saint's feast day is January 17th.

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