Sungha Jung

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Korean spelling
Hangeul 정성하
Hanja 鄭成 河
Jeong Seong-ha
Jŏng Sŏngha
Sungha Jung in April 2016
Sungha Jung at Musikmesse Frankfurt during a performance at the Lakewood Guitars stand in April 2016

Sungha Jung (born September 2, 1996 in Cheongju ) is a South Korean fingerstyle guitarist who became known as an early teenager, primarily through his videos on YouTube .


He started playing guitar when he was 9 years old. He taught himself fingerstyle from his father and among others himself. After he started out with easy songs and initially only replayed compositions, he later began to arrange and compose himself. Since his increased fame, Jung has occasionally worked with other musicians with whom he has performed several times in the past, for example with Sérgio Mendes , Patti LaBelle and Jason Mraz . With 2NE1 he recorded acoustic versions of two of her songs.

Sungha Jung plays songs of various styles on his western guitar . He arranges some of the pieces himself, some he composes himself. Since September 2006 he has been uploading videos. The approximately 600 videos on YouTube are very successful, especially in South Korea. In September 2008, Yoko Ono shared a video on her blog guys of the Beatles song All You Need Is Love with the comment "John Lennon would have been happy that you performed his song so well." In October 2008 when Jung was twelve years old , "Pirates Of The Caribbean" was uploaded and in November 2012 it had more than 35 million views. In February 2009 he gave his first professional solo concert in Seoul . After appearances in Frankfurt and Bangkok, a North American tour with Trace Bundy followed in 2010 . Jung was the first Korean to have over 100 million clicks on his YouTube channel. In June 2010 he released his first album "Perfect Blue", which was produced by German musicians Ulli Bögershausen and Thomas Kessler . In September 2011 his second album "Irony" was released. On April 15, 2013, the third album "Paint It Acoustic" came out.


He bought his first guitar for $ 60 with his own pocket money. She was a kind of toy for him. When his father saw his progress, he bought a better guitar, a Cort Earth900. It was bigger, however, and he couldn't hold it comfortably, but could still play well on it. Sungha Jung wanted a handcrafted guitar for his size that was not easy to get. The South Korean company Selma Guitar noticed him and built them for him. This guitar became known as the signed guitar because Thomas Leeb wrote on it, "Keep on Grooving, To my Friend, Thomas Leeb". For several years now, Sungha Jung has been an endorser of Lakewood Guitars , which has also released a signature model for him with his signature on the fingerboard.



  • Perfect Blue (2010)
  • Irony (2011)
  • The Duets (Collaborations, 2012)
  • Paint It Acoustic (2013)
  • Monologue (2014)
  • Two of Me (2015)
  • L'Atelier (2016)
  • Mixtape (2017)
  • Andante (2018)

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