Sunny's Time Now - Portrait of Drummer Sunny Murray

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Original title Sunny's Time Now - Portrait of Drummer Sunny Murray
Country of production Luxembourg
original language English
Publishing year 2008
length 108 minutes
Age rating FSK without age restriction
Director Antoine Prum
script Antoine Prum
music Sunny Murray
camera Carlo Thiel ,
Camille Cottagnoud
cut Theo Thiesmeier ,
Antoine Prum

Sunny's Time Now - Portrait of Drummer Sunny Murray is a Luxembourgish music documentary directed by Antoine Prum from 2008 .


The film traces the long career of avant-garde drummer Sunny Murray , one of the most influential people in the free jazz revolution. A series of interviews with important contemporary witnesses and historical and current film material from concerts not only pay tribute to the personality of the drummer, but also show the connection between the political movements of the 1960s, their social demands and their visible reflection in the development of free music. The film shows how particularly radical forms of musical expression were excluded from the music industry and at the same time the free music ideal went out of fashion. In addition to flashbacks, the film follows Murray's current appearances and shows the everyday efforts to maintain a musical genre that is ignored by the general public. Sunny's Time Now also deals with the almost clandestine fan base, who continue to adore the cult figures of their own adolescence, and whose unbroken support has made free improvised music possible.

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