Synod of Tire

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The Synod of Tire was an assembly of ecclesiastical dignitaries in 335.

At the Synod of Tire , Bishop Athanasius of Alexandria was deposed. Eusebius of Nicomedia , a close confidante of Constantine and a respected representative of the Eastern church dignitaries, as well as Eusebius of Caesarea were the driving forces behind a condemnation of Athanasius. He was accused of being wrongly elected and was also responsible for the fact that one of his presbyters had vandalized a church. Athanasius was banished to Trier .

After the death of Constantine the Great in 337, the banishment of various bishops, u. a. by Athanasius in Trier in June 337 , repealed by the Western Roman emperor, Constantine II . Athanasius, however, was banished again after unrest in Alexandria in 339, this time by the Eastern Roman Emperor Constantius II , or fled from the violent installation of the counter-bishop Gregory of Cappadocia.


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