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System electronics technician is a newly introduced apprenticeship in the trade in 2003 . The training lasts three and a half years with a subsequent examination which is taken at the Chamber of Crafts . A similar industrial electrical profession with the same framework curriculum for the vocational school is the electronics technician for devices and systems .

In the mono job system electronics technician, no special subjects or focal points are trained. The training takes place either in two ways via the training company and the vocational school or via school-based training with internships .

Training content

System electronics technicians process electronic, microelectronic, mechanical and electromechanical components. They create individual devices or systems, which they also commission and maintain. For a new order, they design circuit diagrams and technical production plans for the prototypes . When this prototype goes into series production, they plan the production, the facilities and the test systems.

The training regulations are determined by the regulation on vocational training for system electronics technicians. The training content is described as follows (version of July 3, 2003):

  1. Vocational training, labor and collective bargaining law,
  2. Structure and organization of the training company,
  3. Safety and health protection at work,
  4. Environmental Protection,
  5. Operational and technical communication,
  6. Planning and organizing work, evaluating work results, quality management,
  7. Advising and looking after customers, sales,
  8. Setting up the workplace,
  9. Design of components, devices and systems,
  10. Manufacture of components and devices,
  11. Assemble and install,
  12. Installing system components,
  13. Programming and testing,
  14. Measuring and analyzing, testing components and devices,
  15. Setting up and optimizing the manufacturing processes,
  16. Checking the protective measures,
  17. Realization and commissioning of systems,
  18. Performing services.

Training opportunities

Trained Systemelektroniker have the opportunity to visit a school master to master to an audit. After passing the exam, you can set up a craft company and train as a system electronics technician.

Other training opportunities:

Further education with university entrance qualification :

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Individual evidence

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