Daily Review (1881–1933)

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Headline of the Daily Rundschau

The Daily Rundschau was a daily newspaper that appeared in Berlin from 1881 to 1933 with the subtitle newspaper for non-politicians, and at the same time a supplement to the political organs of each party .

Friedrich Bodenstedt is named as the editor in the headline . However, the poet only gave his name for good payment and did not influence the content of the paper.

In addition to a daily political overview, the newspaper brought economic news, court reports, descriptions of local Berlin events and other news. The section Turf and Sport , in which relevant events were reported, is noteworthy . Literary contributors were Bodenstedt, from whom only poems appeared, Gerhard von Amyntor , Felix Dahn , Claire von Glümer , Hans Grimm , Hermann Lingg , Balduin Möllhausen , Otto Roquette , Ernst Wichert and others.

From 1896 to 1928 Heinrich Rippler was editor-in-chief of the newspaper. In 1898 it was the first German newspaper to introduce the name drawing of articles. In 1900 it was taken over by the Bibliographical Institute . As a result, the newspaper positioned itself much more politically, from national liberal to Protestant nationalist. For example, it supported German colonial policy and the expansion of the German fleet and turned against Catholic ultramontanism . During the First World War, the newspaper published collections of war poems. After the end of the First World War, it was initially close to the German People's Party (DVP) under Gustav Stresemann .

In September 1932 the newspaper was taken over by the Tat group around Hans Zehrer .

In 1933 the newspaper was discontinued.

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