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Balduin Möllhausen

Balduin Möllhausen (born January 27, 1825 in Bonn , † May 28, 1905 in Berlin ) was a German writer and traveler.


Möllhausen's father was a Lützower Jäger , lieutenant in the artillery and later an engineer in railway construction in Greece . His mother was a daughter of the Baron von Falkenstein bei Anklam. Balduin Möllhausen first grew up in Bonn, where he also attended high school. He then completed an agricultural training in his mother's homeland in West Pomerania and completed his military service in Stralsund . In 1849 he made the first of three long trips to North America . In 1851 he belonged to the expedition of Duke Paul Wilhelm von Württemberg . This trip led to the southern Rocky Mountains and Wyoming . After his return he got a job as a topographer on a new expedition on the recommendation of Alexander von Humboldt , the aim of which was to explore a railway route through North America to Los Angeles . From 1854 he lived in Berlin with Humboldt, where he met Karoline Seifert, whose alleged father was Humboldt's valet; most likely she was indeed Humboldt's illegitimate daughter. She married Möllhausen in 1855.

King Friedrich Wilhelm IV appointed Möllhausen custodian of the libraries in the royal palaces in and around Potsdam . In 1857 he made the third trip to North America. After his return he lived in Potsdam and from 1886 in Berlin-Charlottenburg , where he died in 1905. He was buried in the (today's state-owned) Columbiadamm cemetery. The grave, as an honor grave of the State of Berlin, is in field O IV, G3. In Potsdam he was a member of the Teutonia Masonic Lodge for Wisdom .

Honor grave , Columbiadamm 122, in Berlin-Neukölln

He made hundreds of drawings and watercolors and wrote his travel reports ( "Diary of a trip from Mississippi to the coasts of the South Pacific" and "Travel to the rocky mountains of North America to the high plateau of New Mexico" ) among the best travel books of the 19th century . He made the first pictures of the Grand Canyon and the Mohave and Wallapai Indians living there. His artistic work and his travelogues are among the most important documents in the exploration of the North American West. He was sponsored by Alexander von Humboldt and was acquainted with Theodor Fontane . Later he used his experiences and memories in over 40 novels and a large number of stories and novels . With these adventurous and exotic subjects, he was one of the most popular writers of his time and, together with Friedrich Gerstäcker , Karl May and Charles Sealsfield, one of the most important authors in the German ethnological adventure novel of the 19th century.

Among the numerous interesting further aspects of this life (father was an architect well known in the USA, friendship with Prince Friedrich Karl, marriage with a presumably illegitimate daughter of Alexander von Humboldt, acquaintance with Theodor Fontane, source of numerous figures and descriptions of Karl May, For example Nscho-tschis, vigorous co-creator of the German ideas of the “ Wild West ” etc.), Möllhausen's difficult friendship with the doctor and writer Philipp Galen , who was Möllhausen's neighbor in Potsdam in the 1860s and 1870s, should also be mentioned. Galen was a well-known author of intricate detective novels in the English style (cf. Wilkie Collins ), his best-known work is Der Irre von St. James . Certain design elements in Möllhausen's novels may also originate from this model.


In 1939 the former Kleiststrasse in the Wendenschloß villa colony in the Berlin district of Köpenick was renamed Möllhausenufer. His grave in the Columbiadamm cemetery is dedicated to the city of Berlin as an honorary grave .


The writer Hanns Heinz Ewers , who was friends with him, named the student Baldwin from the film The Student of Prague after him.


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