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The metal table book is a widely used and regularly updated reference work for mechanical engineering and production technology in the German-speaking area . It is edited by Ulrich Fischer and is published by the Europa-Lehrmittel publishing house . The current edition is the 48th of 2019. An English-language version, based on the 45th German-language edition, has the title "Mechanical and Metal Trades Handbook", the 3rd edition of which is available in 2013.

The metal table book contains tables , formulas , indexes of subject terms and standards . It is used in training and further education and in professional practice related to mechanical engineering and production technology and is approved , for example, in the written Abitur examination in the Hessian vocational high school.

Register on the edge of the metal table book

The content is divided into seven categories:

  1. technical math
  2. technical Physics
  3. Technical communication
  4. Materials engineering
  5. Machine elements
  6. manufacturing engineering
  7. Automation and information technology

Access to the individual chapters is possible via a register or the table of contents.


  • Metal table book (without formula collection), 487 pages, ISBN 978-3-8085-1678-2
  • Metal table book (with 48-page paperback formula collection), 487 pages, ISBN 978-3-8085-1727-7
  • Metal table book XXL (with 48-page paperback formula collection and CD), 487 pages, ISBN 978-3-8085-1684-3
  • Mechanical and Metal Trades Handbook, 482 pages, ISBN 978-3-8085-1915-8
  • Metal table book 7.0 CD (digital single-user version), ISBN 978-3-8085-8580-1
  • Metal table book 7.0 CD (digital multi-user version), Europe no. 85794
  • Metal table book 7.0 ONLINE (digital single-user version), Europe no. 85796

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