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Illustration of Taddeo Gaddi in Le vite dei più eccellenti pittori, scultori e architetti by Giorgio Vasari
L'Apparizione dell'angelo ai pastori , fresco in Santa Croce , Florence (1338)

Taddeo Gaddi (* 1290 in Florence ; † 1366 there ) was an Italian painter . The name Gaddo is derived from Gherardo di Zanobi, the name of his father Gaddo Gaddi .


Gaddi was a son and student of Gaddo Gaddi, joined Giotto , his godfather, and worked as an independent master in Florence from around 1330. He surpassed his master in liveliness, but not in delicacy of coloring; his drawing is also more fleeting and often incorrect; it is also inferior to the latter in terms of characteristics, sensation and dignity.

His main work is the life of the Madonna in the Chapel Baroncelli in Santa Croce in Florence.

Also worth mentioning are: a triptych in the Berlin museum with Mary enthroned; a supper in Santa Croce; Madonna with Saints in Santa Trinita in Florence; a triptych in the Museum of Naples, dated 1366, Madonna with Saints; Fresco painting with scenes from the life of St. Francis in San Francesco in Pisa, where he worked in 1342.

The fact that Gaddi was also an architect is based on an uncertain tradition.

He died in Florence in 1366. He was the father of Agnolo Gaddi (also called Angelo di Taddeo), Giovanni di Taddeo († 1383), Niccolò di Taddeo, Francesco di Taddeo and Zanobi di Taddeo († 1400).

Selection of works

  • St. Francis wakes up a boy (2 quadruple panels), 1333–1334, wood, 41 × 36 cm. Berlin, State Museums Foundation (West), Picture Gallery.
  • The Death of the Noble by Celano (2 four-fold panels), 1333–1334, wood, 34 × 31 cm. Munich, Alte Pinakothek. (Remnants)
  • God the Father and Satan (from scenes from the life of Job), 1341–1342, fresco. Pisa, Camposanto.
  • Saints, 1340–1341, fresco. Florence, S. Miniato.
  • Crucifixion of Christ, 1355–1360, fresco. Florence, Ognissanti . (removed)
  • Crucifix, around 1340–1345, wood, 275 × 171 cm. S. Giorgio a Ruballa (near Florence), S. Giovanni Fuorcivitas.
  • Bezel: Lamentation of Christ, around 1335, fresco, 204 × 210 cm. Florence, Museo dell'Opera.
  • Bezel: Mary with Child, around 1328, fresco. Florence, Cappella Baroncelli.
  • Mary with Child, around 1350, wood, 85 × 56 cm. S. Lorenzo Alle Rose (near Florence), S. Giovanni Fuorcivitas.


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