Döllnitzsee dam

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Döllnitzsee dam
Döllnitzsee with Hubertusburg Castle
Döllnitzsee with Hubertusburg Castle
Location: Northern Saxony district
Tributaries: Döllnitz , Saubach
Drain: Dollnitz
Larger places nearby: Wermsdorf
Döllnitzsee dam (Saxony)
Döllnitzsee dam
Coordinates 51 ° 15 ′ 58 "  N , 12 ° 56 ′ 30"  E Coordinates: 51 ° 15 ′ 58 "  N , 12 ° 56 ′ 30"  E
Data on the structure
Construction time: 1850
Height above valley floor: 8.4 m
Height of the structure crown: 167.06  m
Crown length: 360 m
Crown width: 3 m
Data on the reservoir
Water surface 48 ha
Storage space 3.22 million m³
Döllnitzsee dam, aerial photo (2017)

The Döllnitzsee dam (also called Wermsdorf or Laubethal ) is a dam in Saxony , which was built in 1850 southwest of Wermsdorf and reconstructed in 1981–1983. It is part of the Wermsdorf Lakes .

The dam and its two barrages , theHorstsee (72 ha) and the Göttwitzsee (80 ha) are used for the supply of industrial water , for flood protection , for fishing and for recreation . The barrier structure of the Döllnitzsee dam and the pre- dams are earth dams . At the main dam there is a large, elongated overflow funnel as flood relief . The dammed waters are the Döllnitz and the Saubach.

The reservoir is located on the watershed between the Elbe and Mulde . That is why the water from the Horstsee not only flows to the Döllnitz and the Elbe, but also to the Mulde via the Saubach and Mutzschener Wasser .

For some of the data mentioned in the table (construction times, height, content and area) there is also different information.

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