Tearfund Germany

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Tearfund Germany
legal form Registered association
founding 1998 as PartnerAid International
Seat Neu-Anspach , Germany
motto Charity, limitless.
method Education and income, development-oriented emergency aid and disaster aid, refugee aid worldwide, peacebuilding and health, water and nutrition, development cooperation
Action space Germany and worldwide
Chair Martin Knispel (chairman), Michaela Hamm (board member), Stephan Krämer (board member)
sales 1.78 million euros (2018)
Employees 8 employees (DE), 84 employees worldwide
Website www.tearfund.de

Tearfund Deutschland eV (previously World Relief Germany ) is a Christian - evangelical , non-governmental , humanitarian aid organization .

The most important concern of the association is to work against poverty and to enable disadvantaged people to improve their living situation through projects of development cooperation and emergency aid . Tearfund Germany is active in five major areas of development cooperation: education and income, development-oriented emergency aid and disaster relief, refugee aid worldwide, peacebuilding and health, water and nutrition.

The organization has been an independent part of the worldwide Tearfund "family" since 2019. The German seat is in Neu-Anspach (Hessen), the international office in Berlin.

The association is the bearer of the DZI donation seal . He is also a signatory of the Transparent Civil Society Initiative .


Organization chart of
Tearfund Germany

The association is recognized as a non-profit organization. The slogan is “charity, limitless”.

The organs of the association are the general assembly , the board of directors and the supervisory board . International programs report directly to the board of directors, but are supported by the operations department of the office.

The specialists work in the office and in the projects on a voluntary basis as well as full-time.

Working principles

The association is convinced that all people are equal and that the organization should treat everyone with respect and love. The association respects people of every culture, every gender, every belief, every worldview, orientation and every political opinion and recognizes the importance of cultural diversity. Tearfund Germany is of the opinion that you can only enter into real partnership with others if you respect each other as equal.

The association is a signatory of the Code of Conduct for The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief , a code of conduct for elementary professional principles that sets standards for good practice within disaster relief .


The association was founded in Germany in 1998 by Christians who were determined to make an active contribution to overcoming hardship and poverty in the countries of Central and South Asia . Initially, the support and help was provided by volunteers. Over time, the number and size of the individual projects increased. In addition, the awareness grew that an understanding of foreign cultures, ways of life, languages ​​and religions is necessary for the development of successful and sustainable solutions. This led to the development of longer project periods and stays abroad for the staff and a reorganization of the association. From April 2014 to October 2019 the organization was part of World Relief, an aid organization founded in New York in 1944 for war-torn Europe. Tearfund Germany has been part of the worldwide Tearfund family since October 2019. It remains an independent association.

Focus of work

The association is particularly interested in strengthening communities so that they can find their way out of poverty and crisis. Community and municipal development, institutional development projects, emergency aid as well as advice and education for the promotion of communities are important instruments in the work of Tearfund Germany in addition to advocacy for those affected. Culture is seen as a crucial key to sustainability .

Development-oriented emergency aid

The aim of the association is to alleviate complex emergencies and the plight of those affected in disasters, to prevent those affected from becoming dependent on humanitarian aid and to enable them to lead a self-determined life after crises and disasters.

Health, water and nutrition

In addition to securing medical care for people in disaster and crisis areas, preventing diseases, promoting basic health and water supplies, Tearfund Germany focuses on mother-and-child care, sustainable emergency care and improving nutrition for Small and school children.

Education and livelihood security

In the education sector, the association enables children to attend primary school, further education and targeted vocational training through its projects. Closely related to this are measures that enable people to find a way out of poverty through a sustainable income. Small business promotion , training and education measures , microcredits , infrastructure funding and advice are the other focal points of the work of Tearfund Germany.


In 2018, Tearfund Germany is active in seven countries in the Middle East and Africa: Iraq , Yemen , Jordan , Pakistan , Somaliland , Syria and Turkey .


The association is financed through grants and donations from both private individuals and institutions. The figures for 2017 can be found in the annual financial statements starting on page 16; earlier figures can be found graphically in the annual reports.


  • German-Yemeni Society
  • Erlassjahr.de
  • Together against human trafficking (partnership)
  • Micha Germany
  • WASH network

International program and project partners

  • EU-CORD - Network of European Christian humanitarian aid and development aid organizations.

UN partner

  • UNHCR - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
  • UNICEF - United Nations Children Fund
  • UNOCHA - United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
  • WHO - World Health Organization

Public partners

Civil society partners

  • Humedica eV
  • PartnerAid CH
  • PartnerAid UK
  • PartnerAid USA
  • Tearfund Ireland
  • Tearfund UK
  • World relief
  • ZOA International

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