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The Telluride Film Festival has been held annually in Telluride , Colorado since 1974 .


The idea of ​​implementing a film festival in Telluride goes back to the film restorer James Card (1915–2000). After Card had visited the renovated Sheridan Opera House in Telluride in 1973, he was able to convince the married couple Bill and Stella Pence as well as Tom Luddy to hold the first event. Originally, Card had mostly planned screenings of forgotten and hard-to-find films. From 1977 to 1988 the film historian William K. Everson (1929–1996) was the third co-director of the festival alongside Luddy and Pence. Since his resignation, this position has been filled annually by changing guest directors , including Donald Richie (1988), Errol Morris (1989), Laurie Anderson (1991), John Boorman (1993), Peter Bogdanovich (1998), Peter Sellars (1999), Salman Rushdie (2001), Stephen Sondheim (2003), Don DeLillo (2005), Slavoj Žižek (2008), Alexander Payne (2009), Michael Ondaatje (2010), Guy Maddin and his wife Kim Morgan (2014) and Rachel Kushner ( 2015).

At the first festival, which began on August 30, 1974, a restored version of the silent film ... but the meat is weak from 1928 was shown. Its leading actress Gloria Swanson was also there and was honored as the first winner of the Telluride Film Festival Silver Medallion for her life's work. Two other winners this year were Francis Ford Coppola and Leni Riefenstahl . Since then, three prizewinners have been honored annually, and since 1995 a fourth medal has been awarded as a special prize to people or organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the art of film outside the industry.

In addition to the presentation of classics, the Telluride Film Festival also shows new films every year as world or US premieres, with smaller, obscure films also being represented.

The special features of the festival include the high entrance fees (in 2015 the price of the festival pass was 780 US dollars), which also have to be paid for by representatives of the press, and the fact that the program is not announced in advance.

Another film festival has been held in the same place every year since 1979 with the Mountain Film in Telluride .


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