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Teruaki Georges Sumioka

Teruaki Georges Sumioka ( Japanese 純 丘 曜 彰 , Sumioka Teruaki ; * 1962 in Tokyo Prefecture ) is a Japanese philosopher , film scholar , media scholar , author and writer . He is visiting professor at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (since summer semester 2009) and the Kunstsaka art academy ( 大阪 芸 術 大学 , Ōsaka Geijutsu Daigaku ) as well as a professor at the Tōkai University . He lives in Mainz .

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In the 80s Sumioka studied legal philosophy and ontology , obtained a master's degree in philosophy from the University of Tokyo , the doctor of art from the Tōkyō Geijutsu Daigaku .

From 1987 to 1995 he worked as a journalist for TV Asahi . After that he turned to new things and dealt with narrative theory and imagination grammar . He invented his own film science terms, such as Diactic , T Grand Structure , Multicoverage , Spiral Up Structure , Actant and 8 Phases of Story .

In the case of the Kyoto animation of arson, he described the victims as "drug dealers" and "cursed dreams".

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  • Dead Body Never Bleeds: Templar vs Hospitaler, The Investigation Report on Santa Claus 'Alchemy and The Queen of Spades' Conspiracy 2009, ISBN 978-4879195968

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