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Microcontroller TMS1000, manufactured in 1979
The the TMS1000C with mask ROM

TMS1000 is the generic name of a family of 4-bit - microcontrollers made by Texas Instruments introduced the 1974th The TMS1000, TMS1070, TMS1100, TMS1200, TMS1270 and TMS1300 ICs belong to the family . As the first complete computer to be integrated into a single IC, the TMS1000 and its successors had a wide variety of uses, including: B. Control systems, but also household appliances and games. For example, the Senso electronic game device known from the 1980s was based on the TMS1000.


The TMS1000, developed by Gary Boone and Michael Cochran , was first used in Texas Instruments pocket calculators (SR 10, 1972), but was not marketed as a product until 1974. It appeared later than the Intel 4004 , which is generally considered to be the first microprocessor , but it was the first real microcontroller (computer on a chip).


TMS1200 microcontroller

As a microcontroller, the ICs of the TMS1000 family contain both a microprocessor and a ROM (1 kilobyte for TMS1000, TMS1070, TMS1200 and TMS1270; 2 kilobytes for TMS1100 and TMS1300) and RAM (64 × 4 bits for TMS1000, TMS1070, TMS1200 and TMS1270; 128 × 4 bit for TMS1100 and TMS1300) and other functions such as counters, timers, input / output interfaces, which at that time were usually implemented in separate ICs.

The ICs have two general registers of 4 bits and a size 43 (or 54 in TMS1100 / TMS1300) instructions comprising instruction set as well as a comprehensive an element stack , a shift register - instruction counter , but no interrupts .

TMS1200, TMS1270, and TMS1300 are the same as TMS1000, TMS1070, and TMS1100, but have more output ports; the former are in housings with 28 pins , the latter with 40. TMS1070 and TMS1270 have IO ports that can drive loads against voltages of up to 35 V.


  • A TMS 1000 NL 3228 is used in a doorbell model with 14 different melodies.
  • The table model version of the Berlin clock is controlled by a TMS 1000 NL0011.

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