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The Harvard Lampoon is an American satirical magazine published by Harvard University in Cambridge , Massachusetts .

It was founded in February 1876 by the student John Tyler Wheelwright and six of his fellow students . Around 1,200 copies of the first edition were sold. In terms of content, the newspaper was mainly based on the British satirical journal Punch .

Towards the beginning of the 20th century, in addition to the usual caricatures and jokes , the magazine also increasingly contained social and socially critical comments, some of which were directed directly against the government and its policies.

The Lampoon , originally a student newspaper, has been sold nationwide since 1946 and soon became very popular.

In the mid-1960s, the authors began to write film and television parodies based on the model of the up-and-coming MAD magazine . One of the most popular is still the The-Lord of the Rings (Lord-of-the-Rings) - satire Bored of the Rings (literally, bored of the rings') in Germany under the title Bored of the Rings published has been.

At over 130 years old, the Harvard Lampoon is one of the longest-lived humorous publications in the world. Authors such as John Reed , William Randolph Hearst , George Plimpton , Fred Gwynne , John Updike and Conan O'Brien shaped American culture with their texts. Numerous jokes in the magazine, such as “Have you taken a bath?” “No, is one missing?” ( “Have you taken a bath?” “No, is one missing?” ) Are now classics.

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