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The Man from UNCLE was a novel series based on and with the characters of the television series of the same name, which ran in Germany under the title Solo for ONCEL .

The Man from UNCLE

A total of 23 volumes appeared in the USA between 1965 and 1971 with Ace Books , a parallel, but in a different order and not at the same time in Great Britain with Souvenir Books under the imprint Four Square Books , had 14 volumes. Outside the series, the band The ABC of Espionage appeared in the United States and Great Britain in 1966 . In 1967/1968 five volumes in German translation were published by Heyne Verlag .

No. (US) No. (UK) author Original title Year (US / UK) German title Year (DE)
1 1 Michael Avallone The Man from UNCLE 1965 A thousand coffins are too many 1967
2 2 Harry Whittington The Doomsday Affair 1965/1966
3 3 John Oram The Copenhagen Affair 1965/1966 Focal point Copenhagen 1967
4th 6th David McDaniel The Dagger Affair 1965/1966
5 8th John T. Phillifent The Mad Scientist Affair 1966
6th 9 David McDaniel The Vampire Affair 1966
7th 7th Peter Leslie The Radioactive Camel Affair 1966 The radioactive camel 1968
8th 12 David McDaniel The Monster Wheel Affair 1967
9 10 Peter Leslie The Diving Dames Affair 1967
10 J. Hunter Holly The Assassination Affair 1967
11 Thomas Stratton The Invisibility Affair 1967
12 Thomas Stratton The Mind-Twisters Affair 1967
13 David McDaniel The Rainbow Affair 1967
14th Fredric Davies The Cross of Gold Affair 1968
15th David McDaniel The Utopia Affair 1968
16 14th Peter Leslie The Splintered Sunglasses Affair 1968
17th David McDaniel The Hollow Crown Affair 1969
18th 16 Peter Leslie The Unfair Fare Affair 1969/1968
19th 15th John T. Phillifent The Power Cube Affair 1969/1968
20th 13 John T. Phillifent The Corfu Affair 1970/1967
21st 11 Joel Bernard The Thinking Machine Affair 1970/1967
22nd 4th John Oram The Stone-Cold Dead in the Market Affair 1970/1966 Gloriana's night club 1967
23 5 Peter Leslie The Finger in the Sky Affair 1971/1966 Flames over Nice 1968
24 David McDaniel The Final Affair

Volume 24 was written, but never appeared.

The Girl from UNCLE

Corresponding to the television series spin-off The Girl from UNCLE , there was also a corresponding series of novels, which, however, only brought together five volumes in the USA and Great Britain. The four volumes of the British series were published by Souvenir Books , the two volumes of the US series were published by Signet Books , with only the first volume appearing in both series.

No. (US) No. (UK) author title Year (US) Year (UK)
1 2 Michael Avallone The Birds of a Feather Affair 1966 1967
2 Michael Avallone The Blazing Affair 1966
1 Simon Latter The Global Globules Affair 1967
3 Simon Latter The Golden Boats of Taradata Affair 1967
4th Peter Leslie The Cornish Pixie Affair 1967

Further series of novels

In addition to a certain extent "authorized" novel series, there were a number of novel series from the field Sexpionage - soft porn , some of which were also written by authors of the regular series. This includes:

  • Ted Mark (d. I. Theodore Mark Gottfried): The Man from ORGY (15 vols., 1965–1981)
  • FW Paul (d. I. Paul W. Fairman): The Man from STUD (11 vols., 1968–1971)
  • Rod Gray (d. I. Gardner Fox): The Lady from LUST (25 vols., 1968–1975)


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  1. The dates of the publication years of the US editions on differ, but are supposed to be based on an autopsy . The year given here is from Robert Reginald. It can be assumed that the information on the website refers to the year of the copyright.
  2. ^ Community pseudonym of Robert Coulson and Gene DeWeese .
  3. pseudonym of Ron Ellik .
  4. For example, Michael Avallone was involved in the series The Coxeman .