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David McDaniel (born June 16, 1939 in Toledo , Ohio , † November 1, 1977 ) was an American science fiction writer.


He was the son of teacher Calvin Dale McDaniel and Margaret McDaniel, nee Allis. He studied at Pasadena City College and San Diego State College, where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in 1963. He then studied further at the University of California, Los Angeles . After his studies he worked as a disc jockey for the KEBS broadcaster and as a photographer in the film industry.

In 1967 he had published his first science fiction novel, The Arsenal Out of Time . He also wrote a number of the volumes in the spy novel series The Man from UNCLE for the television series of the same name . He also wrote the last episode, The Final Affair , which was never printed , the manuscript of which then haunted the fandom and the net for some time.

Under the pseudonym Ted Johnstone, McDaniel was very active in the SF fandom of the west coast and made contributions to numerous Apazines , namely Gimble , Hippicaloric , The Hobbiton Herald (for CRAP), MEST (for SAPS), New Ashmolean (for OMPA), Pearls ( for The Cult ), Persian Slipper (for FAPA) and Zap . He was also the founder of one of the first Tolkien fan clubs and wrote, with High Fly the Nazgul, Oh! probably the first Tolkien film song . In his UNCLE novels he used some SF elements as well as allusions for SF fans (for example, Forrest J. Ackerman appeared as a character in one of the novels).

In 1963 he married the software developer Joyce Potter. McDaniel died in 1977 at the age of 38.


The Man from UNCLE (spy novel series)
  • 4 The Dagger Affair (1965)
  • 6 The Vampire Affair (1966)
  • 8 The Monster Wheel Affair (1967)
  • 13 The Rainbow Affair (1967)
  • 15 The Utopia Affair (1968)
  • 17 The Hollow Crown Affair (1969)
  • 24 The Final Affair (not published)
  • The Arsenal Out of Time (1967)
    • English: The Arsenal of the Past. Moewig (Terra Nova # 97), 1969.
  • The Prisoner: Number Two (1969, also as Who is Number Two? )
Short stories
  • Dialogues at Sunset (1968, as Ted Johnstone)
  • Quiet Village (1970)
  • Prognosis: Terminal (1974)


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