The Phantom Planet

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Original title The Phantom Planet
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1961
length 82 minutes
Director William Marshall
script William Telaak
production Fred Gebhardt
music Hayes Pagel
camera Elwood J. Nicholson
cut Hugo Grimaldi

The Phantom Planet is in black and white twisted science fiction film by director William Marshall . The film has not been shown in German-speaking countries.


The film is about the mysterious planet Rheton , who has the ability to move through galaxies to escape enemies. When a spaceship sent from Earth lands on him, astronaut Capt. Chapman creates the atmosphere, which makes him shrink to the size of about 8 inches. He discovers that beings of his current size, under the leadership of Sessom, have converted the planet into a spaceship to defend themselves against the solarites - large monsters that the dwarf people want to eat. Chapman helps in their fight against the enemy and in the end has to leave the silent Zetha, who has fallen in love with him, alone.


The film is now freely viewable as public domain .

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