Theodor Springmann senior

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Theodor Springmann (born May 30, 1840 in Raubach ; † October 22, 1927 in Wiesbaden ) was an industrialist in Hagen , honorary president of the Hagen Chamber of Commerce and founder of public institutions.

Springmann was related to the Hagen patron and industrialist Karl Ernst Osthaus through marriage to a born Funcke . From 1875 to 1926 he was co-owner of the Hagen screw factory Funcke & Hueck . Inspired by the ideas of Friedrich Harkort , he campaigned for the social needs of his employees by having apartments built with garden land for them, setting up restaurants and setting up savings and pension funds to provide social security for his workers and employees. In his hometown of Hagen, Springmann was committed to developing social and cultural institutions. Theodor Springmann is an honorary citizen of the city of Hagen.

His son Theodor Springmann junior was an author and translator, his grandson Baldur Springmann co-founded the party Die Grünen in the 1970s .

The Theodor Springmann Foundation in Heidelberg , which was founded by descendants in 1996, is named after him . She dedicates herself to various independent areas of literature and art studies, psychology and development aid. The department in Berlin was closed and the patient hotline was taken over by another organization.

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