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Theodor Zachariae

Theodor Victor Hugo Zachariae (born February 3, 1851 in Großkmehlen near Liebenwerda ; † May 5, 1934 in Halle (Saale) ) was a German Indologist and university professor.


Zachariae, son of Karl Eduard Zachariae von Lingenthal , studied at the Universities of Göttingen and Leipzig a . a. studied classical philology, Sanskrit and comparative linguistics with Professors Hermann Sauppe , Georg Curtius , Hermann Brockhaus and Theodor Benfey . He received his doctorate in Göttingen in 1874, completed his habilitation in Greifswald in 1879 and was appointed professor there in 1883. From 1890 to 1921 he was associate professor of comparative linguistics at the University of Halle. Although he was appointed associate professor alongside Pischel in 1890, with the task of teaching comparative linguistics, Zachariae's interest was exclusively in Sanskrit philology. So it came about that in 1895 Friedrich Bechtel was appointed full professor for comparative linguistics. In 1921 Zachariae was appointed full professor and soon afterwards retired.


The main focus of Zachariae's research was in the area of ​​native Sanskrit lexicography and comparative fairy tale studies.

Fonts (selection)

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  • The collection of words by Demetrios Galanos and its source , ZII 7, 1929, 54–70


  • 1882 laureate of the Bopp Foundation - 450 marks "on a trip to London to collate the manuscripts of Sanskrit glossaries located there"
  • 1889 laureate of the Bopp Foundation - 900 Marks "to support his edition of Hemacandra's Anekárthasamgraha"


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