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Thomas R. Kraus (born January 7, 1949 in Recklinghausen ; † April 12, 2019 in Aachen ) was a German historian and long-time director of the Aachen City Archives .

Live and act

After completing his studies, Kraus took up a position in the municipal archive of the city of Aachen and was appointed deputy director in 1979. Two years later he received his doctorate as Dr. phil. with the dissertation "The origin of the rule of the Counts von Berg up to the year 1225". After the archive director Herbert Lepper retired in 1997, Kraus was appointed as his successor. He headed the archive until his own retirement in 2014. Kraus was also a member of the Aachen History Association , which he headed from 1996 to 2015 as chairman.

His main organizational task was the planning and implementation of the move of the city archive in 2012 from the previous rooms in the grass house and those in the branch in the baroque factory to the former main building of Rhein-Nadel Automation on Reichsweg in Aachen.

Kraus was the author and editor of several books, especially with reference to the history of the city of Aachen, as well as numerous articles for various specialist journals. His main work were volumes 3 to 7 of the regests of the imperial city of Aachen . In 1994 he also conceived a large exhibition on the French period in Aachen, shown in the coronation hall of the Aachen town hall, entitled On the way to modernity - Aachen in the French period 1792/93, 1794–1814 ; He also presented a comprehensive catalog manual for this exhibition. From 2011 he was one of the editors of a seven-volume city history with the title: Aachen. From the beginning to the present , the first, second, third and fifth volumes of which have already been published.

Thomas R. Kraus was married to Claudia Rotthoff-Kraus, historian and board member of the History Association of the Diocese of Aachen . He found his final resting place in Aachen's Westfriedhof .

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