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Timothy Zahn (2012)

Timothy Zahn (born September 1, 1951 in Chicago ) is an American science fiction writer who became known for his Star Wars novels .

life and work

Timothy Zahn attended Michigan State University , graduating in 1973 with a Bachelor of Science degree in physics. He then attended the University of Illinois , where he made his master's degree in 1975. However, he never completed his doctorate in physics due to an illness of his doctoral supervisor. Today he lives with his wife in the US state of Oregon .

Zahn began writing science fiction stories as a hobby in 1978. He won a Hugo Award in 1984 for his novella Cascade Point . Zahn's best-known work is a trilogy of Star Wars novels about the Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn, set several years after the end of Return of the Jedi . These books followed a number of other Star Wars - novels and short story collections by authors such as Kevin J. Anderson and Michael A. Stackpole . Zahn's work is not limited to Star Wars . He also wrote the well-known Conquerors trilogy, which tells the story of a war between humans and, in a sense, almost immortal aliens who have spaceships with an almost indestructible outer shell. He has received the Analog Readers Poll for: Pawn's Gambit (1983), Spinneret (1986) and Starsong (1998).

In 2017, Zahn's Star Wars novel Thrawn was published , which tells the prehistory of the Grand Admiral of the same name, introduced into the newly defined canon by the third Star Wars Rebels season. The German translation was published by Blanvalet in 2018 ( ISBN 978-3-7341-6138-4 ). His next Star Wars novel Thrawn: Alliances ( ISBN 978-1524798925 ) was also published in 2018 .



The Thrawn trilogy

  • 1991 Heir to the Empire ( Heir to the Empire , Goldmann, 1992)
  • 1992 Dark Force Rising ( The dark side of power , Goldmann, 1992)
  • 1993 The Last Command ( The Last Command , Goldmann, 1993)

The Hand of Thrawn

  • 1997 Specter of the Past (German: Shadows of the Past , Heyne, 2000)
  • 1998 Vision of the Future (German in two novels: Blick in die Zukunft , Heyne, 2000, and Der Zorn des Admirals , Heyne, 2000)

More Star Wars novels

Short stories

  • First contact (In Star Wars Adventure Journal Vol.1 / No.1 1994 / included in Escape of the Rebels )
  • Mist Encounter (In Star Wars Adventure Journal Vol.1 / No.7 1995 / included as a bonus in Outbound Flight )
  • Command Decision (In Star Wars Adventure Journal Vol.1 / No.9 1995)
  • A dangerous trade (e-book / included as a bonus in Die Verschollenen )
  • Hammer Staff (included in Storm Over Tatooine )
  • Sleight of hand (featured in Palace of Dark Suns )
  • Solo for Jade (included in Battle for the New Republic )
  • Interlude on Darkknell (included in Battle for the New Republic , with Michael A. Stackpole )
  • Detour to Corellia (included in Escape of the Rebels , with Michael A. Stackpole)

Conquerors trilogy

Cobra series

Cobra War series

  • 2009 Cobra Alliance
  • 2011 Cobra Guardian
  • 2012 Cobra Gamble

Blackcollar series

  • 1983 The Blackcollar (German: Die Blackcollar-Elite , Heyne, 1989) ISBN 3-453-03453-8
  • 1986 The Backlash Mission (German: Die Backlash Mission , Heyne, 1989) ISBN 3-453-03454-6
  • 2006 The Judas Solution (German: The Judas variant , only in the anthology Blackcollar with all three volumes, Heyne, 2008) ISBN 978-3-453-52361-6

Dragonback series

  • 2003 Dragon and Thief
  • 2004 Dragon and Soldier
  • 2005 Dragon and Slave
  • 2006 Dragon and Herdsman
  • 2007 Dragon and Judge
  • 2008 Dragon and Liberator

Quadrail - or Frank Compton series

  • 2005 Night Train to Rigel
  • 2007 The Third Lynx
  • 2008 Odd Girl Out
  • 2009 The Domino Pattern
  • 2012 Judgment at Proteus

More novels

Short story collections

  • 1986 Cascade Point and Other Stories
  • 1988 Time Bomb and Zahndry Others (Zeitbombe, Heyne, 1994) ISBN 3-453-07270-7
  • 1992 Distant Friends and Others
  • 2002 Star Song and other Stories

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